Conditions not covered by SOPs

Claims concerning diseases and injuries that are not covered by SOPs can still be lodged with and determined by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, but are determined by having regard to available medical opinions and evidence rather than a SOP. Opinions may vary, and the decision-maker is required in such cases to reach a conclusion about the causal relationship of the condition with service on the basis of all of the available relevant evidence.

There are a number of clinical conditions which following investigation by the RMA have been declared not to be injuries or diseases for the purposes of the VEA or MRCA or not able to be related to service. These declarations are binding on decision-makers and claims for such conditions cannot be accepted.

Conditions unable to be related to service

Condition Date of Decision
alkaptonuria 01/05/2015
chemically-acquired brain injury caused by mefloquine, tafenoquine or primaquine 18/08/2017
congenital cataract 01/05/2015
dyspepsia 22/02/2007
Gulf War syndrome 18/06/2010
helicobacter pylori infection 16/07/1998
metatarsalgia 30/03/2011
monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) 21/06/2019
multiple chemical sensitivity 25/09/2001
obesity 12/08/2003
osteopaenia 26/04/2006
postconcussion syndrome 28/08/2012
spina bifida 01/05/2015
x-linked myopathy with excessive autophagy 27/02/2015
xerostomia 26/10/2018