dysbaric osteonecrosis

Past Versions of SOPs

SOP Numbers Date of Commencement Status
Reasonable Hypothesis Balance of Probabilities
23/03/2020 Revoked Principal
27/01/2015 Revoked Principal
30/08/2006 Revoked Principal

Other Information

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* Repeal SOPs

The investigation concerning osteonecrosis, including dysbaric osteonecrosis, has resulted in the determination of Statements of Principles concerning osteonecrosis and the repeal of SOPs concerning dysbaric osteonecrosis with the determination of 17 & 18/2015 - Repeal. Dysbaric osteonecrosis is now included in the Statements of Principles concerning osteonecrosis

Explanatory Statements tabled in Houses of Parliament 17/2015 18/2015 23/03/2020