Secretariat Staff

The staff necessary to assist the Authority consists of persons engaged under the Public Service Act 1999 and made available to it by the Secretary of the Department of Veterans' Affairs under section 196T of the VEA. These staff make up the RMA Secretariat.

The Secretariat is managed by the RMA Registrar. Martin Hanson is the Registrar of the Repatriation Medical Authority, and heads the RMA Secretariat based in Brisbane. The RMA Secretariat consists of administrative and medical research staff. The administrative staff collectively support the work of the Authority in undertaking its statutory role of determining SOPs, as well as the work of the medical research staff.

Seven medical researchers undertake literature reviews, and prepare briefing papers to inform the Authority in its deliberations, under the leadership of the RMA Principal Medical Officer. These staff collectively have more than 90 years’ experience in undertaking this work on behalf of the Authority, and all have multiple medical and/or other post-graduate research qualifications and experience in epidemiology and public health. These qualifications include MB BS (4 researchers), PhD (4) and Master of Public Health (3).


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Note: A number of the positions are staffed on a part-time basis. The Deputy Registrar position is shared by 2 staff, who also work as Medical Research Officers.