Paul Murdoch

paul murdoch

Registrar of the Repatriation Medical Authority

Paul Murdoch is the Registrar of the Repatriation Medical Authority (RMA), and heads the RMA Secretariat based in Brisbane.

The RMA Secretariat consists of medical researchers, with medical and other research qualifications and experience, who undertake literature reviews and investigations at the behest of the Authority, and administrative staff, who collectively support the work of the Authority in undertaking its statutory role of determining Statements of Principles.

Paul Murdoch commenced as Registrar in 2005, prior to which he was the Deputy Registrar, responsible for the drafting and registration of the Statements of Principles.

Previously, Paul Murdoch has worked in a number of areas within the Veterans' Affairs portfolio, including as a Review Officer in the Department of Veterans' Affairs, Registrar of the Veterans' Review Board, an Administrative Appeals Tribunal advocate, and he has managed the operation of the Military Compensation and Rehabilitation Scheme.