Latest News and Decisions

Latest News and Decisions

At the meeting of 7 February 2018 the RMA:

Determined Statements of Principles (SOPs) for:

Condition SOPs
personality disorder 17/2018 18/2018
toxic retinopathy 19/2018 20/2018
accidental hypothermia 21/2018 22/2018
Guillain-Barre syndrome 23/2018 24/2018
systemic sclerosis 25/2018 26/2018
malignant neoplasm of the eye 27/2018 28/2018
chilblains 29/2018 30/2018

These SOPs revoke the SOPs previously determined for these conditions.

Determined New Statements of Principles (SOPs) for:

Condition SOPs
popliteal cyst 31/2018 32/2018

Determined Amendment Statements of Principles (SOPs) for:

Condition SOPs
suicide and attempted suicide 33/2018 34/2018
malignant neoplasm of the ovary 35/2018 36/2018

The above SOPs take effect from 2 April 2018.

Summary of Changes

Completed Investigations

The above determinations conclude the previously advertised investigations into:

New Investigations

Decided to advertise the following investigations:

The above investigation notices appear in the Government Notices Gazette of 13 March 2018.